A Prayer For When You Discouraged.

Heavenly Father, We need you. Some days feel so broken and uncertain.

1.We’re hurting 
2.We’re struggling 
3.We’re aware more than ever, of our own weaknesses, and of the dark forces that constantly surround us, fighting to gain ground in our lives and families. 
We choose to stand on Your Words because what You say, You will do, help us to stand our ground today and say, “no more.” We ask for your help to set aside our differences, set aside the weight of the pandemic trying to overtake the world and look to the greater cause, the cause of Christ. 
We ask that you would help us to truly live a life of love. We ask that you surround us
 with your Joy, Peace and happiness, cover each and everyone of us with your mighty hands. Anoint the Leader and the Platform Team from the crown of their head to the soul of their feet. We pray for unity  in spite of our differences, help us that  we would be willing to stand strong together and live out our days with compassion and grace. Remind us to live aware: 
1. To redeem the time,  
2. Listen to your words, 
3. Help us willing to make a difference in everyone lives . 
4. Give us courage to speak out.  

In the mighty name of Jesus  

Be strong in the Lord

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